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i make things sometimes.


irrationally protective of castiel and dean winchester; general team free will enthusiast.

eternally bitter over dean/cas, wasted potential, and the narrative's treatment of female characters lmao


multifandom. usually features supernatural and marvel. also a lot of orphan black and a smattering of other fandoms alongside. occasionally art, photography, and angry feminist/woc blogging.


working on

spn s9 meme

pacific rim/spn au


parks and rec s6

guardians of the galaxy

orphan black s2

supernatural s8



harry potter and the half blood prince

we did not make ourselves (steve/bucky, 25k, achingly sad and amazingly written.)

also this entire stevebucky fic rec uwu

gran fury. (dean/cas, 5k, warnings for character death.)



the guardians of the galaxy soundtrack .


meera made me get a tumblr what a jerk amirite

ashley got me into fandom ;A;

dani makes amazing edits

christina is really really nice ;u;;;

anastasia is a literal ray of sunshine


misha collins helps a guy come out of the closet at the seattle gishwhes meetup [x]


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So, apparently there’s this show called Supernatural. It’s not that popular, you know. It’s like, super underground and nobody knows about it. I only found it because I, like, know some really influential people who live in the sewers and get special tv waves on their tinfoil satellites. It’s like, not a big deal if you’ve never heard of it. It’s really obscure.

Here’s Castiel, pondering the imponderabilia of autumn.


gadreel’s all, “cas can’t stay here, he’s super dangerous, dean.” and cas is like, “damn i love burritos.” was season 9 even real 

Title: UnknownEverybody Wants To Rule The World
Artist: UnknownLorde
Album: UnknownPure Heroine EP
Download: Click Here
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everybody wants to rule the world || lorde

there’s a room where the light won’t find you
holding hands while the walls come tumbling down
when they do i’ll be right behind you
so glad we’ve almost made it, so sad we had to fade it

Tiara in three pieces in the form of branches of oak-leaves and acorns. Silver and gold, open-back, set with diamonds and convertible to a brooch or to use as comb-mounts. 


Title: Unknown505
Artist: UnknownArctic Monkeys
Album: Unknown
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505 I Arctic Monkeys

Just to get a job is always really exciting to me. I do feel there’s a lot left for me to learn about movies, the subtleties of acting.

— I’m proud of you.

Thank you, Dean.


here you go I doodled a little Cas

moon dust in your lungs
stars in your eyes

you are a child of the cosmos
and ruler of the skies —for em  (via crackedchassis)


s09 meme: colours

➥ white (1/?)

Cred ♥